We believe that everyone deserves to achieve optimum fitness and health. At Fit For Life Transformations, we offer APP based online workout programs to help you reach your goals. We offer a wide range of workouts for every fitness level and need so you can feel confident about improving your health.

Take your body and health to the next level by training with our Coaches!

The program includes:
– Initial coaching call to get you set up on the RIGHT programs for your GOALS
– Training programs that fits your needs through our APP with instructional videos
– Motivational support and direction to keep you on TRACK to your goals
– Can link to your Fitbit, MyFitnessPal acount and/or your Apple Watch
– A MINIMUM of ONE monthly video or phone call to discuss progress

This is a comprehensive program that will help your Fitness, Health AND mind!

Workouts With Dr. Eric

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Men’s Physique Builder Workout Plan

This is an 8 week plan to build a physique that most men strive for programmed through our APP with instructional videos, rep schemes and progressive in nature.
– Wider Chest and Back
– Taper Waist
– Abdominal strength
– Bigger Arms
– Full Shoulders

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Printed 4 Week Workout Program

Need a workout program that you can do for a month?

Let us design one for you to use and have a plan to get your progress moving forward.

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