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Without strict diets or killing yourself at the gym?

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Gain Muscle and Size

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You Tried Everything And

You Are Tired Of No Results?

There are SO many coaches, gurus and FAD Diets out there that it is HARD to choose which is best for YOU. That is why we take time to learn about YOUR life and build a program around YOU so that it works in YOUR life. NO COOKIE CUTTER Programs here.

Everything is custom to your needs, goals and LONG TERM success!

You are putting in the work and trying. Let us GUIDE you like a GPS guides you home. This time we are going to a healthy, happy, confident and successful YOU!

Health Solutions We Offer:

What Can We Help You With?



Made with Food YOU like to Eat and we leave OUT the Food you HATE to Eat. Easy Prep and Recipes as well!



Made with Equipment you HAVE and TIME you can GIVE



As we get older stress and poor habits can take a toll on our Metabolism and our Hormones. We dive deeper to get you Healthy and Well.


FIXING your Gut and Internal Health

Natural Solutions to what is creating the problems



Face to Face Time with Dr. Eric for REAL Solutions


Long Term Success Focus

We teach you along the way so you have CONTROL again

And So Much More!

Without Having To

  • Eat Boring Food and Starve yourself
  • Going to the GYM endless hours to get minimal results
  • Buy Hundreds of dollars of Supplements

And Being Able to

  • Eat the foods you LOVE and leave out the Foods you HATE
  • Workout the way you enjoy for the TIME you HAVE
  • Get PROPER direction on Supplements and Usage

Fit For Life Transformations has everything you need to

get Incredible results!

The Three Pillars To Transforming YOUR Life

During our Transformation Programs


for YOUR needs

📃Weekly Grocery Lists Done For You

🍴 Daily Meal-Prep Ideas

✅10-minute Meals Program

💰 Budget Friendly Meal Program


tailored to YOU

💪 Custom Exercise Plans

🏃‍♂️Personal Coaching for YOUR needs

🗣️ Daily Messaging Access

📞 Weekly Coaching Call

Coaching to

keep YOU on track

✔️ Daily Accountability Check-ins

🔏Private Facebook Community

🎯 Weekly Group Support

This is for YOU if..

  • You are STUCK and NOT seeing RESULTS
  • Are FRUSTRATED and need proper GUIDANCE
  • Have HEALTH concerns and want to live your BEST LIFE for the years to come

There are SO many programs, diets, tricks, tactics and WRONG information out there. Dr. Eric will use science based information and methods to help you not only GET the body you want but KEEP it.

Fit For Life Transformations has everything you need to

get Incredible results!

How Does it Work?

As you can see it is NOT cookie cutter and you are not getting just a trainer, you are getting a coach. So how I coach is all of this:

- Custom workout plan(s) for your body type and goals with videos for each exercise if you don’t know how to do the movement

- Personalized meal plans with selectable meal options made to your goals and food you like removing foods you don’t like/cannot eat, recipes for the meals as well

- Grocery lists each week

- Access to me via text, emails or calls

- Help with food options if traveling

- Supplement advice and help

- Weekly check-Ins

- Mindset and healthy habit training

- Access to weekly group calls

- Access to Facebook group with free resources

- Changes as needed it

How Long are Programs?

Programs are ALL custom to your needs to lose weight, gain muscle, heal the body or just ACHIEVE that GOAL body you deserve. We will lay out a plan with you when we talk to you.

How Much does it Cost?

Each program is custom to your needs, experience, time needed and budget.

The market monthly cost for what you would get would be:

Personal Trainer 3x a week = $960

Nutritionist = $400

Mindset and Accountability Coach = $400

That comes to $1760 a month! Wow!

We are WAY More affordable and you get A LOT MORE.

We also work with your budget. Your HEALTH matters!

How do I Start?

We want to do a Goals and Success meeting with you first to give you at least TWO different solutions to hit your GOAL.

Please book that by clicking above.

Amazing Experiences

Don't take our word for it, see what others have said about Fit For Life Transformations.


Don't take our word for it, see what RESULTS others have had with Fit For Life Transformations.


Busy Mom and Educator that took her goals seriously!


Mom and Owner of multiple businesses that stuck to the program!

Charlie B.

Business Owner, Writer and Busy Dad who took control of his life to set an example for his kids


We spent a year building muscle then got him ready to compete! He crushed it!


By losing weight she overcame her PCOS issues and was able to finally have her first BABY!

Dr. Eric

I too had humble beginnings but we all start somewhere.

Proof I talk the talk and walk the walk.

Kelly B.

Busy mom and athlete who took her focus back to herself to regain her health.

The Happy Couple

These two wanted to lose some weight before an important trip. They did it and MORE!


Wanted to be ready for her wedding day. We made a plan and she DID IT!

I am Dr. Eric Smith DC

At one point in my life I was working so hard studying to get my Doctorate in Chiropractic while trying to lead a “healthy” life.

I hit the gym 4-5 times a week and did my “best” to TRY to eat healthy. Slowly the pounds kept coming on and I put off losing fat with the thought I would just gain more muscle. I got up to about 40% body fat and was UNCOMFORTABLE in my clothes and LIFE.

It was then when I got the opportunity to buy my own practice in downtown Chicago. It was going to be a big undertaking so I DEDICATED myself to healthy mind habits, a planned workout plan, GOT A COACH to hold me accountable as we as take the burden off of me in time and mental anguish. I NEEDED someone to make a plan for me to execute, keep my mind in the positive and keep me GOING.

Fast forward to 15 months later. I competed in my FIRST men’s physique competition in the NPC. I got DEAD LAST but was in the BEST shape of my life.

From there I kept consistent as well as kept growing in mind, body and spirit. Now I am 42 years old and have had the healthiest years of my life. YOU can do it as well!


All the….

– Confusion from diets and information

– Frustration

– Set backs


– Health issues

– Self esteem problems

– Feeling FAT

– The list goes on and on and on.

It has always been my vision to help as many people as I can in the more efficient way possible. Those experiences include Fitness, Nutrition, Establishing successful life habits, Coaching as well as Creating Health and Wellness in my clients lives.

NOW is the THE time to COMMIT and let me HELP you!

Let’s Do This!

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